Bio Eco Base

BIO ECO BASE is perfect for biological filtration. The high porosity of the ceramics provides a very large filter surface for the growth of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria remove ammonia and nitrate from the water. BIO ECO BASE is also characterized by high efficiency in the process of nitrite reduction. 

BIO ECO BASE can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, as well as in water holes.

Dimensions: diameter – 40 mm and height – 40 mm.

The open porosity largely ensures excellent water circulation and prevents clogging. Due to the open pores, old dead bio-film is easily washed out of the medium. 

Bio Eco-Base has pores with a size of 20-30 μm, i.e. their size is suitable for the settlement and development of beneficial bacteria.

Bio Eco-Base is made of an inert ceramic material and sintered at a temperature of approx. 600°C.

Very large surface area ensures favorable growth of bacteria.

Analysis of the surface with the use the BET method determined the effective area of the Bio Eco-Base at the level of 2,250 m2 / liter – it far surpassed other biological media available on the market.

This product is designed and intended for the elimination of ammonia and nitrates. It minimizes nitrates.

The properties of the Bio Eco-Base offer the best conditions for the development and colonization of bacterial cultures that remove ammonia and nitrates from the aquarium.

It ensures healthier and more stable water values without changing PH and GH of water. In turn, this maintains its standardized chemical composition.

The open porosity and the ultra-large surface area maximally support beneficial bacterial cultures, even with large amounts of fish.

It can be used directly in the main tank, in bucket filters, in the sump or in various type of filters, including suspended filters, spray filters or others. 


Bio Eco-Base should be flushed before use in order to remove contamination. Then put it in filter baskets.