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Knowledge, passion, experience – store with Aqua Specto filtration products.

Knowledge, passion, experience – store with Aqua Specto filtration products.
The Aqua Specto filtration material store was established for the love of aquaristics. Passion, knowledge and experience enabled us to create a place of the highest standards and the best quality. Our offer is addressed to both clients with many years of experience of aquaristics and people, who are taking their first steps in this matter.

The Aqua Specto team is always ready to provide professional advice and willingly share its knowledge. Therefore, you can count on our assistance and support at every stage of order fulfillment. We are constantly developing our knowledge and competences in order to successively expand the offer of our store and respond to all your needs. If you have any questions, please contact our experts.

Our online store with filtration products is a guarantee of the highest quality products. So if you do not know what to choose for your aquarium, you are in a right place.

Filtration products – bioceramics – the answer to your needs!

Keeping water in the aquarium clean is the basic duty of every aquarist. After all, the purity of water affects not only the visual aspects. A well-kept aquarium or a pond with clear water are perfect conditions for breeding underwater plants and creatures, as well as for developing a beautiful passion connected with aquaristics. Unhelpful bacteria, chemical pollutants and biological pollutants negatively affect the functioning of fauna and flora. How to take care of the water quality in the aquarium? Properly selected filtration products are the basis.

How does filter media work?

Bioceramics are designed for biological water filtration. This is a perfect tool for purifying water in your aquarium. Its porous structure allows the settling of beneficial bacteria, such as:

  • nitrifying bacteria,
  • denitrifying bacteria,

which significantly improve the quality of water in the aquarium. They decompose food residues and biological substances. This gives energy to oxygen-producing plants. Biological filter products are used to increase to work efficiency of beneficial bacteria by providing them with a place to settle. Without filter cartridges, bacteria only settle on the substrate and plants, but this is not enough. Unfiltered contaminants significantly deteriorate the condition and quality of water.

If you do not want to allow such a situation and you care about clean water in your aquarium, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

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Aqua Specto team.